offer no: BKT-31-230302 (stenter for drying and heat setting Bruckner)

N1 – used stenter for drying and heat setting, manufacturer: Bruckner, type: VN-2017,
w. w. 2000 mm, y.o.c. 1998, S/N1.6831.01, Max. working temp. 250°C
– Straightening system (inlet and outlet) Mahlo Type TFMC-106P Year 12.97 factory number 1990 / 616P / 20199
– Control cabinet with inverters and electronics,
– service platform,
– Double ventilation drying tunnel,
– 8 chambers with a total length of 35 m, with 16 natural gas burners Eclipse Ratiomatic,
– left and right burners with full equipment and automation,
– hot air extraction,
– a vertical chain system for guiding the fabric with pin and clip
– Calender with cooling max. the down pressure: 5 tons
– Fabric winding system with guide rollers with pneumatic cylinders.
Power supply: gas installation, supply/exhaust ventilation system
compressed air, water, and sewage system
Power consumption – 65 kW, 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz,
– speed 30 m/min
Control – automatic
Running repairs during operation; replacement of sliding shoes, grinding of shafts, replacement of gas burners
Dimensions – 4.5 m wide; 35 m long
The machine is running.
Location: Eastern Europe



ul. Boya-Żeleńskiego 1 m. 43

91-747 Łódź, Poland

NIP/USt-IdNr./VAT-No: PL7251186655