Offer no: BKT-813-220413 (production line with KÜSTERS roll, smoothing and Chintz calender)

N1 – production line with KÜSTERS roll, smoothing and Chintz calender type 213.40-1800, y.o.c. 1986, general overhaul in the year 2019 (the entire electric control and the drive were renewed, including risk analysis and declaration of conformity and operating instructions, manchon roller was reground.

• Infeed storage of goods content 60 running meters
• traction mechanism with roller covering and dancer
• 3 roll calender
• 1 pc. Chrome cooling roller, diameter 800 mm
• Lay-on winder with a rubber roller (surface winder for Kaule)

description of calender:
Upper steel roller, diameter 360 mm, chrome (electrically heated)

Medium roller diameter 500 mm, plastic Manchon roller covering ground in the 2020 year (approx. 30,000 linear meters in production)

Lower steel roller, diameter 360 mm, chrome (steam, high-pressure hot water heated)

Line force up to 200 N/mm² = 45 tons

Total machine length: 18 m

Machine width: 6 m calender, 3.5 m remaining machine parts (such as S – pulling mechanism …)

Machine height: 4.5 m

Wide roller surface: 2000 mm

Working width: 1800 mm

Machine speed: 3.5 – 70m/min

Nominal voltage: 3x 400 V AC, 230 V AC; 50Hz

Control voltage: 24V DC

Electrical connection power: approx. 80kW

Control cabinet side: In direction of goods on the right

Operator side: On the left in the direction of the goods Compressed air: 6 bar

The calender worked for items in the automotive industry.



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